Saturday, 6 August 2016

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is a less known falls in Kanakapura taluk in Bangalore, in Karnataka. The falls lies 90 km far from Bangalore city and 16 km from the Sangama in the Kanakapura taluk. the waterfall is settled between the unbelievable scopes of rocks. It is en route from Yelehalli to Sangam. One can achieve Chunchi tumbles from Kanakapura. The waterfall has the background of pleasant settings, and it offers eye-getting all encompassing perspectives of the environment.

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Kanakapura-- Dodda Alahalli -- Chunchi falls

Near by places: Arkavathi Dam,Shivagiri,Sangama

Parking: Yes, 

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary things will be available near falls entry point.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta is located around 80km from Bangalore in kanakapura. The hill is dedicated to lord Ranganatha swamy. The peak height is 3780 feet. The meaning of bilikal in kannada is bili means White and Kal means rock or stone. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta has a place with the Forest Reserve and is loaded with bush woodland. Elephants and other medium estimated natural life creatures can be seen in these forest. The vegetation of the slope is average of high slopes. The vegetation is entirely thick particularly in post storm season. The connecting timberland's are known not elephants and other untamed life endemic to the region. The perspective from the top is unimaginable as should be obvious the hillocks from the encompassing Kanakapura. There is a yearly celebration held once every year on Jan fourteenth on the highest point of this spot to proclaim the eminence of the Gods of the sanctuaries arranged at these spot. Last strech (around 10 km) of the ride is total off-roading which needs utmost careful while riding till the top.The hill summit can be come to by trekking or by means of a substitute track available from Kanakapura but it’s completely banned. I wonder as the days passes many of the beautiful spot will be dominated by inhumane activities. Its quite stilthy and unnerving development to see these spots losing its value because of humans.

Trekking : Not Allowed
Eatables: Carry your own

Permission: Required
How to reach: Bangalore -- Kanakapura -- Chokkanahalli -- Mavathoor -- Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta.

Nearest Places to explore:

Parking: At the temple

Road Condition: Good --- HighWay till Kanakapura after that village road and last stretch is complete off-roading.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ooty Ride Day -1

This is situated in the Western Ghats zone at an elevation of 2240 mtrs. It is the central station of the Nilgiri District, where the two mountain ranges meet. Udhagamandalam , prevalently called as OOTY by the vacationer, is the Queen of Hill Stations. Hundreds of years prior this was likewise called as Oththai-Kal (single stone)Mandu (Mund is a name of Toda Village). The British began calling it as Ootacamund.Summer temperature is most extreme of 25 C and at least 10 C . Amid the Winter it is least 5 C and a greatest of 21 C when it is marginally hotter. This region was repressed by the tribals called TODA much sooner than anyone could wander into this district. Inquisitively enough, this cut of heaven stayed obscure notwithstanding amid the times of the immense Southern Dynasties. the territory went under the tenet of the East India Company toward the end of the eighteenth century.The town is associated by the Nilgiri ghat streets and Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Its normal excellence pulls in visitors and it is a prominent summer destination.

The name importance blue mountains in Kannada.Because of the delightful mountains and green valleys, Ooty got to be known as the Queen of Hill Stations.Udhagamandalam railroad station is associated with Mettupalayam by NMR meter gage service.The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was worked by the Madras Railway until 31 December 1907 for the benefit of the Government.

In January 1908, the railroad line was given over to South Indian Railway.The closest air terminal is Coimbatore (96 kilometers (60 mi)). Ooty has three helipads, one at Theettukal and two at Kodanad. The Theettukal helipad was affirmed via Airports Authority of India for guard and VIP services.Ooty is arranged in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. A large number of the forested territories and water bodies are beyond reach to most guests to secure this delicate biological community. A few zones of the Biosphere Reserve have been reserved for tourism advancement, and steps are being embraced to open these zones to guests whilst monitoring the range.

It is arranged at an elevation of 2,240 meters (7,350 feet) above ocean level.Boarding schools have been an element of Ooty since the times of the British Raj. They offer a critical commitment to the nearby economy. The offices and principles of training are considered amongst the most noteworthy in India,and so these schools are famous amongst the tip top of India and a portion of the neighboring nations. Ooty has numerous spots, in view of one's advantage and time can be secured likewise. Recorded the spots which we visited for 2 days.

How to reach :  Bangalore -- Mysore -- Nanjangudu -- Bandipur Forest -- Masinagudi -- Ooty

Places of interest around Ooty:

Day -1 :

Tea factories
Niligiri Mountain Railway
Botanical Garden

Day 2:

Dolphin Nose
Sims Park
Lamb's Park
Shooting Point
Pykara Waterfall

Doddabetta Peak:

Doddabetta is the most elevated top (2,623 m) in the Nilgiris, around 10 km from Ooty. It lies at the intersection of the Western and Eastern Ghats encompassed by thick Sholas. Pine woodlands arranged amongst Ooty and Thalakunda is a little downhill locale where pine trees are organized in an efficient manner. Wenlock Downs is a meadow range run of the mill of the first bioscape of the Nilgiris with tenderly undulating slopes.

Niligiri Mountain Railway:

Udhagamandalam railroad station is associated with Mettupalayam by NMR meter gage service. In 1882, a Swiss specialist named Arthur Riggenbach went to the Nilgiri Hills on a welcome from Government of India and he presented an evaluation for a line costing GB£132,000. The Nilgiri Railway Company was shaped in 1885 and arranging work started in 1886. The work on hold initiated in August 1891 and the Mettupalayam-Coonoor segment of the track was opened for activity on 15 June 1899. In January 1903, the Indian Government bought the line, and assumed control over the development of the expansion from Coonoor to Ooty.

Ooty Ride Day -2

Pykara Falls

Pykara is a stream found 19 km from Ooty. The Pykara is viewed as extremely sacrosanct by the Todas. The Pykara stream ascends at Mukurthi top and goes through bumpy tract, by and large keeping to North and swings to West in the wake of achieving the Plateau's edge. The stream courses through a progression of falls; and the last two falls of 55 meters and 61 meters are known as Pykara falls.


Situated at a altitude of 200 ft over the seal level and 17 Km froms Udhagamandalam, is the first of the well known Hill Stations. Coonoor is a residential area with a fair atmosphere that has made it prevalent as a slope resort in its own privilege. The primary fascination is the Sim's Park, a little all around kept up Botanical Garden that houses a few assortments of plants discovered missing in the other Hill Stations.

Sims Park : This garden was laid out in 1874 by Mr.J.D.Sim, the then Secretary to Government and Major Murray, acting Superintendent of the Nilgiris woods. Thus the garden was name after J.D.Sim. At first it was pointed as a delight resort for the inhabitants and guests. Later, the park  has been changed into a fascinating Garden Park . The Park is spread more than 12 hectares of undulated land and has various normal points of interest at a height of around 1798 meters . The park cum plant Garden contains numerous types of trees and bushes not found in Ooty. Yearly Fruit and Vegetables show is held each year in the month of May. It draws in sightseers in huge numbers.The Pomological research station that is situated close to Sim's park conducts research on Horticulture and POMOLOGY. The Pasteur Institute, that produces against rabi antibody, DTP, DY and IT, is likewise found, just over Sim's Park.

Dolphins Nose : Ideally visited in the morning, this perspective point is just around 12 Kms from Coonoor close Tiger Hill. This is situated in the midst of thick Sholas, befuddled by winding street. You can get a lovely perspective of the Catherene Falls from here.

Lambs Rock View

At 5000 ft above seal level, is a perspective point that is situated inside a store woods around 8 km from the Coonoor transport stand. The stone is a bluff that drops down couple of hundred feet into the rich green wilderness underneath. An extraordinary stretch of backwoods the distance to the Coimbatore fields can be seen from here. The Trees turn out to be amazingly brilliant and lovely amongst January and March. A Unique eco-framework and great Trekking Terrain into the wild lets you totally present your self into the arms of nature. This is the home for Endemic species like the uncommon Nilgiris Marten [dog like arboreal animal] Nilgiris Black Buck, Mouse Deer, Nilgiris. Feathered creatures like the Nilgiris Pippet are a treat to look for Bird significant others. The National park is shut between Mid-January to Mid-April. Aside from the above period, the national park can be gone by whenever amid the year.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ride to Dandiganahalli Dam

Dandiganahalli dam is one of unexplored places around Bangalore. Situated 100 kms from CV Raman Nagar towards Chikkaballapur. After Chikkaballapur take a left, and keep going around 35 km to reach Dandiganahalli dam. On the way you find many small villages where you can ask the way also google maps can help you. There was no restriction and we were freely allowed to walk on the dam, May be because reservoir was not full but had decent amount of water. Dam is covered with mountains and at the end of dam gate you find a village too. One more new weekend gateway away from hustle bustle Bangalore life. Better to spend weekend with nature instead with concrete forest!! overall it was very good weather and ride. There are 2 hills which can be trekked. There is no trekking to be done to the dam.The dam is the main source of water to nearby villages.There are 2 home-stays around the dam. Which offers few day and night packages. The dam can be reached by both 2 Wheeler's and 4 Wheeler's.

Nearest Places to explore: Varlakonda fort, Devanahalli Fort,Chikkajala Fort, Kundana Fort

Distance from Bangalore :

Time to reach from Bangalore: 2- 3 Hrs

Parking : Can be done in-front of Dam Entrance itself.

Food : Not available near dam.(Get your own food)

Activities: Bird Watching, Photography, Trekking to the nearby hills.

Not Required

Swimming: Its not Allowed , As the sign board says that crocodiles exists.

Fee: Not Applicable
How to reach : Hebbal -- Chikkaballapura -- Bommenahalli-- Dandiganahalli dam

Road Condition: Good --- HighWay till Chikkaballapur after that village road.

PC: Kevin D'mello & Lozil Noronha