Saturday 16 June 2012

Destination Unknown

Unplanned journey was a reverie because I felt it will thrill me and I always felt “Life is nothing but facing expected and unexpected challenges”.
One fine Saturday evening at 4.30PM, Gathered in Bangalore railway station with 2 other college friends, with full of energy to do something new and interesting. Directly we saw the train list and selected a place “Marikuppam”. We din had any idea about the place; In the present world it would be very easy to get the sound information about the place because we had GPRS, GPS etc. But we dint want to know the information. Knowing everything is unnecessary — Discovery is a better teacher than a guidebook. Where you actually end up — and when, and how — is usually irrelevant to the experience you have on the way. We took the ticket for 3 of us and the cost was Rs 45. We could envisage that place will be around 3 hrs away. We took a Marikuppam passenger train which was at 6PM and it took around two and half hours to reach the destination. Once we reached we realized that it was in Kolar district. We saw a beautiful line inviting us saying “No Trains available on Sunday “. We asked the people in Marikuppam station what is places to visit nearby, they told KGF gold mines and kotilingeshwara temple. Since it was night 8.30PM we dint take a chance because both the places will be closed. We travelled back on the same train with ticket price Rs3 per head and reached the place “Bangarupet”.
In deep discussion!!!
Again it’s time to decide our next destination we checked train list, we were open minded to go any palce and reach by Sunday night 8. We had option to go to Kanyakumari , Mysore ,Chennai, and the final decision was to travel chennai and took the tickets for Chennai.

Tower Clock, Bangarupet

The train time was 11:45 pm and we had 2 more hours to be spent in Bangarupet and to have our dinner. Had a very tasty hot parota roll.  We decided to go to Marina beach as well once we reach Chennai.
Party Time
It is bittersweet experience and we were ready for that also, Indian Railways arrived Punctually in time but general compartment was so fully crowded and couldn’t get in, I tried hanging on the door step ,and 2 of my friends were standing in platform and staring at me, one of my  friend shouted at me, because it is not short distance and risky . Later I was thankful to him for saving my life. Also made an attempt to get on to sleeper, TT was waiting for us in sleeper within seconds he kicked us out of train.
But with lots of optimism, that we should go to Chennai we waited for next train with bashing cold but we had blankets as well as jackets also cup of Chai Chai. The train was at 1.45AM it was a time for train for our second attempt, and again general compartment was packed heavily, but this time were successful in getting into sleeper compartment. Had slight fear about getting caught by TC for some time.
Long Nap

Next to stinking toilet we were on the dirty floor still kind of god feeling like we have achieved something, as expected TT came and caught us, as decided we all made innocent face and told him  story about interview(The BluffMasters) , he asked us to get  down of train initially later asked us to move to next compartment. We moved to other compartments and found there is one more TT waiting for us, so after some discussion we went back and occupied the same old place.

Madras University Senate House

 Couldn’t have a sound sleep but still myself managed to take a nap. Finally 7:15AM after almost 8 hours of journey we were in chennai !!!  “Not all those who wander are lost” YEAH!! Booked return tickets to Bangalore, the train was at 1:30PM which gave us around 6 hours of time in Chennai. Started our safari in Chennai looking for sastha hotel for bath and etc, we had lip-smacking Kalai(breakfast) Masaladosa, Pongal, Idlyvada and coffee.

Marina Beach

Resuming our journey heading straight away to Marina beach by auto, beaches reminds me about the homely feeling because I have grown up and have a bonding towards the sea, spent some time and we started walking around the streets of Chennai, Looking at the beautiful classical and colonial European styled buildings, lining the city’s thoroughfares. Madras University, Anna Square, Victory war Memorial, Senate House etc was in our view.

Anna Square
   Returned early to station just to get a seat on return journey. Meantime I realized one thing from the journeys, “Language is the powerful tool”. We had railway pantry food for sapad(Lunch) and everybody fell asleep for quiet a sometime and finally reached Bangalore cantonment station than headed to respective planned destination this time ;);).

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”- Lao Tzu