Sunday 26 January 2014

Anthargange Night Trekking

Starting point & Temple Entrance
                                Anthargange is a mountain located in the shasthashrunga range and is situated just 70 kilometers from Bengaluru, Antargange in Kolar is a substantial field of volcanic boulders and rocks. These boulders, all heaped one on another create a whole network of cave-like formations and tunnels that make this a great place for cave exploration, light trekking, and camping. The hill is at altitude of 1712 mts from sea level. This place is known as south kasi because of Kasi vishweshara temple.
Camp Fire

Sunrise at Anthargange
                                        A long staircase leads to a temple.There is a stone bull here with water flowing out of its mouth. No one knows the actual source of the water, which is how Antargange got its name (Antargange literally means ‘Ganges of the Deep’). An hour of climbing uphill leads to the approach route into the caves. The entire route twists through a dark maze of rocks, boulders, between cracks, and enters holes that sometimes will allow just one person to crawl through, all of which make for an enlivening experience. It’s well connected by train and bus. Bus will go almost to the top at either side of the hill. Enoromous space of campfire.

Trekking distance: 2-3 kms

Trekking season: Anytime, Night also.

Difficulty level: 

Things to carry:
·                     Water
·                     Good trekking shoes
·                     Food
·                     Sleeping bag or tent if you are planning for night trekking
·                     Flashlight, first aid kit and knife

Time to reach peak:
  1 -2 hrs

             "We'll never be as young as we are tonight" - Chuck Palahniuk                                                                            

Sunday 12 January 2014

Skandagiri Night Trekking

One word that wades you're your mind when you think of Skandagiri is walking on and above the clouds.
Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga or Kalavara Hills, is an ancient mountain fortress. The peak altitude of Skandagiri is 1400 meters. 70 Km away from bangalore.

Attractive place on the way to the peak one can see the partial remains of local fort wall build by rulers of ancient kings which used by Tippu Sultan during 3rd Anglo Mysore War.Trekking at this place is pretty strendious which escalates from moderate to difficulty path on the process of reaching the peak.Trekking to the peak in the night is pretty challenging as path ahead is totally covered by the misty fog with the clearance of 30-50 meters.Which makes this place a so special one can view the best sunrise in Bangalore from this place, ideal time to view the sunrise is during the winter/summer season as the fog will be curtailed due to the humid conditions of nature and during monsoon sunrise can’t be seen due to cloud cover.

        It’s a paradise for trekkers! Cloud's Cloud's Cloud's Cloud's Cloud's Cloud's !!!!!

How to Reach : Bangalore --> Hebbal--> Yelahanka--> Chickkaballapur --> Skandagiri
Best time to Trek : Night  (October - January)

Difficulty Level : Moderate

Time to Reach from Base : 2–3 Hrs.
Things to Carry:

1. Back-Pack
2. Trekking shoes
3. Blankets or sleeping bags
4. Full length pants-recommended- to protect from snake/insect bites.
5. Torches

Few Points to Reminisce:

1. Be aware of villagers, Who may misguide you.
2. Sometime you get Tea, Maggi and firewood for campfire by villagers in the top. (Better to take packed food)
3. Better to go in groups Min of 6.
4. Be confirmed that it’s open for trekking. Due to safety/security reasons Police may not allow.
5. No prior permission required.
6. Campfire allowed at the top.

"We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us"