Saturday 30 September 2017

Gummanayaka Fort Trek

Gummanayaka Fort is located 135 kms from Bengaluru in chintamani. Gummanayaka Fort is believed to have been founded around 1350 by a feudal chieftain of the Vijayanagara kingdom, Byregowda or palyagara. As many as 26 palegars  (chieftains) ruled from this fort. They built temples dedicated to Sita, Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman.It's layered fort with many stages of entrance. Intially stage is 1st entry towards the fort hill where we find Maruthi(Hanuman Temple) and Ganapathi temple. Still all rituals are performed to both temples by priest. Next stage is ruined fortess where villagers are cultivating few daily need vegetables inside fort. Later part there are steps (covered with bushes) to hill and temple.Right side of Steps leads to Temple and left to the Granary and Straight leads to the hill top. There are few ruins and vast un even open space. Since it was a long weekend and we had time to spend we stayed in bagepalli overnight and started our trek in the morning. This time we had planned not to take our own vehicles, we took bus journey from bengaluru to bagepalli. GummanayakanaPalya village very small with countable huts. There are rain harvesting ponds which existed way back in centuries.There are lot of many ruins around the village as well. Look for pushkarni which is 100mts before the village starts. In around look for few newly constructed temples of 21st century and Nisargadhama which has been maintained by forest department. There is a choultry in the newly constructed temple and a forest guest house where you need permission to stay.At last Wonderful fort with ruins of palace, Lesser known to people as its far way from bengaluru. Day well spent !Peace,Greenery!!.  Look for Natural Elephant Formation on the hill

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Bagepalli-- Pathapalya-- Nagarllu -- GummanayakanaPalya

Near by places: GudiBanda Fort Trek, Lepakshi,Avalabetta

Permission : As of now Not required

Steps : There are steps in the middle of trek

Climbing time : 1.5 hrs Max

Parking: Inside village & outside fort Entrance

Level: Easy

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary things(From Bagepalli or Pathapalya).

Stay: Manjunatha Deluxe lodge near to bustand, Decent and clean, Rs 800. Please Bargain if necessary.

Public Transport: Direct bus from bengaluru to Bagepalli. There is a civil bus/local bus/private which goes to chelur,Get down in pathapalya. Take a auto to gummanayakana palya which costs Rs.150 one way. Get down in village.. Start the trek. While coming back there will a be shared auto or any auto which takes back to pathapalya. There is a KSRTC bus which goes to gummanayaka fort but only once or twice.

Elephant Head Formation


Thursday 21 September 2017

URBY-Passport Holder Product Review

I am a travel blogger and hence I travel a lot recently, on my first travel to USA, I had felt quite an embarrassment to search in my bag for my passport and travel documents.  that's when i wished I had a good Passport Holder which not only holds my passport but also my cards , other ID proofs and documents and I no longer have a fear of losing them.

Often during travel we tend to misplace important things like credit/debit card,or a passport or identity cards. Since all are of different sizes it may not be possible to keep in our regular wallet.  there are lots of stylish passport holders in the market now. URBY has come up with a beautiful holder which not only catches your eye but also solves these problems.

Look and Feel:

The passport holder comes in different colors according to taste of individual. it looks like a smart brown book which has a croc  embossed leather exterior and rich soft suede interior.The Passport holder is Very compact, stylish which makes our life effortless while travelling. the color though plain brown was the highlight because of the embossed design. it was soft to touch and is of good quality.

Serves the purpose right :
The compact Passport Holder not only holds your passport but also travel documents and multiple has an easy slide in pouch for your passport. left side has slots for your cards and a sleeve pocket to hold emergency cash or bills.
it also has an open section to hold your travel documents. even after filling it with all my documents, card and passport,it did not feel bulky

My Verdict:
I like the product. I was able to keep all my important things in one place which makes it easier to locate and keep it safe. this will definitely make my travel easy .
moreover you can personalize it with your initials. URBY has easy shipping and returns and they give a guarantee of 12 months for material and craftsmanship the will  repair your product for free within the first 12 months.

Website Details: