Sunday 19 October 2014

Day -2 Gods Own Country- A visit Edakkal Caves, Phantom Rocks and Soochipura Falls

Day -2 : Planned destination was Edakkal Caves, Soochipura Falls. On the way from kalpetta to edakkal we happened to visit phantom rocks which was really awesome. Its almost 2 hrs journey from kalpetta to edakkal caves,though the distance is very less, road was narrow. Dont forget have fruits,buttermilk etc on way from parking to edakkal caves entrance. Phantom rocks is on the way from kalpetta to edakkal caves. we dint had any plan for trekking to phantom rocks, we just happened to see and click from pics from very far,but looks like its very good short trek.Overall the 2 days trek and tour really awesome, 19 friends, beautiful memories. Only disappointment in the tour was soochipura falls which was not worth and forest officials did not allow to the chembra peak.

Edakkal Caves:

 The carvings inside edakkal caves is beleived that it’s of 6000B.C. One can find very rare Stone Age carvings. The carvings are of human and animal figures, tools used by humans. Caves are located at edakkal hence the name edakkal caves.Lies 25km from kalpetta, which is 1 hr journey and 1200metres above sea level on ambukutty mala.Edakkal caves were inhabited several times at different points in history.The caves contain drawings that range over periods from as early as 5000 BC to 1000 BC. The youngest group of paintings have been in the news for a possible connection to the Indus Valley Civilization.Edakkal caves is maintained very well by the government.

Phantom Rocks:

The Phantom Rock is a beautiful archeological site located in Wayanad district, Kerala.The piece of natural art which has a skull shaped rock over a small boulder is formed out of huge metamorphic rocks and is locally known as “Cheengeri Mala” or “Thalappara”.
The serene environment surrounding the Phantom Rock of Wayanad, which is situated at about 2100 metres above sea level is an amazing destination for people who are seeking peace and solitude along with a bit of adventure.This picturesque destination which is 26 kms from Kalpetta; can be reached through a single narrow lane where trekking and camping are also popular activities amongst travellers.
Phantom Rocks

Soochipura Falls:

Once people reach the parking area, they have to pass through a security check at the
Entrance where they make sure you don't carry any plastic. It takes 10-15 minutes’ walk to the water falls and water flow is less during summer, which makes it easy to reach the rocks where water falls.Nothing interesting waste of time.
Soochipara Falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala, Wayanad, surrounded by Deciduous, Evergreen and Montane forests. Locally referred to as Soochipara ("Soochi" meaning "Needle" and "Para" meaning "Rock"), the 15-20 minute drive from Meppadi to Sentinel Rock Waterfalls offers  Scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad.

a. Entrance fees: 50 per head

b. Not Recommended.

Soochipura Falls

For Chembra Peak details :

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Saturday 18 October 2014

Day -1 Gods Own Country - A Trek to Chembra Peak

Chembra is located near the town of Meppady and is 8 km south of Kalpetta. It is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in Western Ghats, adjoining the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala in Kozhikode district in Kerala. Its accessible from Meppady.The heart shaped lake is believed to have never dried up. You can find the lake halfway to the peak, after getting to the lake need to trek through about a km or two of dense trees.
Chembra is the tallest peak in Wayanad district of Kerala at 2100m as per the records of forest department. The peak is near the Meppadi (Meppady) town and in close proximity to the Vellarimala hill ranges partially in Kozhikode district. The peak offers a good view of the entire Wayanad district as well as some of the hill ranges outside Wayanad. Some of the taller peaks in Vellarimala ranges (notably Vavul Mala and Masthakappara, both in Kozhikode district) is taller than Chembra.One of the best place I trekked this year, will be memorable for years.Heart shaped lake which was most memorable one of all. Unfortunately we were not allowed to trek to the peak may be due to security reason. One good thing about chembra is, its kept very neat and clean by tourism department. Safety of trekkers is taken care by forest depratment as we were forced to accompany a guide.
Heart Shaped Lake

To Stay : Many lodges and Dormitory available at Kalpetta.

Where we stayed :

Misty Hills, Kalpetta :

Its located between lush green surrounding. Dormitory and rooms which we were given was very neat and tidy.Food served was very good. Hospitality also was also very good.Its one of the best place to stay in group and families.

Misty Hills

Camping : Not Allowed

Permission : Need to take from Forest office paying

Guide : Will be provided by Forest office itself.

Best Time to Trek : October to February

Trek Distance : 4.5 Kms One Way, But when we went we were allowed till the Heart Shaped Lake.

Time to Trek : 3-4Hrs

Difficulty Level : Moderate to Difficult

Leeches : Yes

Carry : Water Bottles, Energetic food

Not Allowed: Plastic Covers, Heavy food.

Start Point

On the Way
Somewhere in middle of trek

Yes we came by this route

Cloudy Afternoon
End of trek
Yes we also ...
Is it
For Details of Edakkal Caves,Phantom Rocks, Soochipura Falls :

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