Saturday 24 March 2012

Mumbai Meri Jaan

My living with Mumbai is really diminutive but the experience and learning is very gigantic. Mumbai or Bombay as it was known earlier is really a fast paced city. Wasn't as easy as I had thought! Got to tell you, people in it are unsurpassed in terms nature, culture etc. Travelled from Bangalore in Udhyan express at 8.10PM with a friend half a way of journey after that I was all alone as usual. I was panic because the plan of staying was changing constantly and also where and how to reach destination from kalyan junction, place in Mumbai. But a guy in train guided me very nicely to reach the place from his experience.  Finally reached Vashi from Kalyan junction alone in local train Vaaah what a feeling!! First time local train experience was really good. Dint find so crowded as it was a holiday because of Gudi Padwa(Ugadi).From vashi I met my college friend who was waiting in station and from there we went to koparkhairane were my friend lived. Had a good party, dinner in his room and went to sleep. Already I had a scheduled plan for next day. 

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Day-1, My friend accompanied me to Gateway of India. I was overwhelmed to see the immense sea of human population everywhere; on stations, local trains, best buses even double deccars. A must watch (Gateway of India) which was built to commemorate the landing of King George V in 1920. On November 28, 2008 it was the target of terrorist attack along with Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, which are the superlative, hotels in Mumbai. Walking in pavement of streets made to sense more subterranean of Aamchi Mumbai.

Taj Hotel
 Shopping in fashion Street was amazing with lots of colorful fashionable wears which evidently have influence of BOLLYWOOD!! Bargaining is the best policy if at all you want to shop :):). It was almost 3.30PM and we were very hungry had a zevan (lunch).Since I had plans in evening to go to Marine Drive. I had to receive my new best friend at that time in CST my friend dropped me there. 

Marine Drive
Later on I had a very good time in life in marine drive with my friend till late evening. Crave for authentic Maharastrian dish made us to walk for kilometers which I personally liked and enjoyed. Meantime Mumbai does look great in the night with lovely twinkling lights along with the Queens necklace. Had supper in a restaurant and Ice cream too!! The 1st day safar came to an end @11.45PM. I could see people running all the time, be it at 5 in the morning or 11 in the night. I was shocked to see ladies running in to catch a local train elegantly even at midnight. Felt Gandhji ‘s dream came true in Mumbai  but not in other places that’s what I personally feel!!! But “Mumbai never sleeps” which I heard in movies, papers etc which is true;). At least some things are true in media!!!!!!  

Bandra Worli Sea Link
Day-2, Morning had a meet up with engineering friends after long time which was like planned get together which wasn’t planned in my actual plan!!! But then, I chose to go with the flow and not fight the current. Together with all the friends headed to Bandstand which is km away from the sea. Got a chance to see bandra worli sea link. I was not occupied fully on that day but still had very good time pass. Went back to room at 11.30PM after roaming.

Mahalaxmi Temple
Day-3, As planned earlier I had only half day and running short of time because time is not enough to see vibrant Akka Mumbai!!! Early morning @ 7.30 I hit the railway lines and @ 8-830AM had a darshan of famous and powerful Siddivinayak temple next headed towards Goddess of wealth (Mahalaxmi) with a friend in taxi with lots devotion and had breakfast as well in hotel. Next plan was to Mosque cum Durgah of Haji Ali, is a unique structure off the coast of Worli, Mumbai. The place is situated on an islet and is one of the landmarks of Bombay. Full name of Haji Ali is Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari.
Haji Ali Durgah

The Haji Ali Durgah building is influenced by both Indian and Islamic style of architecture.  Not to forget outside dargah me and friend had a very costly mango juice which cost not less than Rs 150 per juice!!!
As a scheduled plan I had to say alvida to Mumbai :(:( and had to rush to pune to say hi to my sister and to catch bus to Namma Bangalore!!! Before that met another new friend in CST and spent some time with them and got a train to pune!! Met sister in pune had dinner with her and boarded bus!!
Bombay is peerless in its own sense, for there are sights and experiences one possibly wouldn't be treated to any place which I have seen.Thus the city popularly known as Maya Nagari obliges a stranger to revisit the place again and again. Up till last twenty five years, I hadn't been to Mumbai even once. Mumbai has bada heart which will make anybody to fall in love!! It’s a world within the world. Thus I can say DREAMS-SEE IT-FEEL IT-ACHIEVE IT! Hope Mumbai will accept me once again in life!!.
                                     “To travel is to live.”- Hans Christian Andersen