Saturday 21 June 2014

Nijagal Betta Trekking

Guide Pins:-
1.Nijagal Betta is situated on Tumkur Road; approximately 55 Km from Bangalore.

2. Drive unto the Dabbaspet flyover and then take the road by the left side of the flyover, drive a short distance and then turn to the left if you are approaching from Bangalore.
3. Drive on Tumkur Road till Dabbaspet (50kms).
4. Dont get confused of 1st Kamat Upachar before dabbaspet flyover.
5. After 2nd Kamat Uppahar (On left) from bangalore, you will see small entrance below railway track.     Pass underneath it which goes to base of Nijagal betta
6. Follow the trail through the electric poles which takes you to top

Carvings on the rocks way to hill
Ruined Temple

Ruined temple top view

Dont's: Please don't walkin to Hotel Sri Vrindavan. Its too costly, 1 plate Idly vada costs=50rs & A cup coffee costs=25rs.

Ruined Temple
Temple Wall carving

Temple Wall Carving
 Nijagalbetta is a rocky hill lying close to Dobbaspet town in Karnataka.The hill lies very near to the Bangalore Pune National highway (NH4).Nijagal betta has ruins of ancient temples and fort built by Chickadevaraya Wodeyar. The hill has excellent rock formations and many monkeys. There is a carved idol of Hindu deity Lord Hanuman near to the fort entrance where people come and feed the monkeys as a sign of worship. There is a Muslim Dargah (Sri darga hajrath sayyed pashah & hajrath sayyed karim 2 brothers lived year.) inside the fort. There are some ponds inside the fort formed by water trapped between the gaps of rocks. There are big rocks inside the fort and walkable paths through them at Nijagal betta. There are many unexplored archeological ruins near Nijagal betta.
The path has many sculptors from the Hoysala period and also has rock etchings that appear to be pre-historic, but this hasn’t been authenticated.

What to look for:
1. The ruined temple at the middle of fort.
2. A dargah middle of fort.
3. Carvings on the rocks.
4. Cave temple at the top of hill.
5. Cave dargah at the top of
6. Ruins of fort at top
7. Carvings around the temples.


On the Way
Inside Ruined Temple

The Cave shot

          Weekend is not a weekend if its not travelled - Sandesh Mavinakuli

Saturday 14 June 2014

Huthridurga Trekking - A Navadurga

               HUTRIDURGA is Ruined fortifications are still visible on the two hillocks surrounding the village.
It was seven tiered fort. Its one among the Nine Durgas around Bangalore (Nava Durgas). It has a small temple dedicated to Shiva and Nandi.

Distance from Bangalore : 2*85Kms

Best time to Trek: Not Monsoon & Not Night

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time to Reach from Base: Max 1 Hrs.

Parking: Near Village 

Things to Carry: Food, Water, Good Shoes

Explore: Caves, Ragi grinding stone (Ragi biso kallu),temple at the top, 7 dwara's, Anjaneya temple,Nandi Statue.

Route Map: Bangalore ----> Nelamangala -----> Huliyur ----> A small Ghat section (3 hair pin bend)----> Huthridurga Fort Base.
Can be accessible via kunigal and magadi road 

Note : Huliyur fort & Huthridurga Fort are different its not same.
1st Entrance of fort
On the way pose
Heading up
Another Entrance
Shiva Temple
Another Pose
Chota Ghat Road
The Sarathi's
Huthridurga Fort
“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” –Anatole France