Sunday 3 December 2017

Hemagiri Betta (Hill)- Malleswara Swami

Malleswara Betta: Is the hill located close by kumbibetta, Huliyurdurga, Locals says there are many caves and many unknown places around the hills which is not explored by trekkers and travelers. Every year people mostly during Huliyur Jathre go to hill. This hill was covered during the visit to Kumbibetta (HuliyurDurga).

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Nelamanagala-- Kunigal- HuliyurDurga
Near by Places: KumbiBetta, HuthriDurga
Permission : As of now Not required
Steps : Yes till the middle of the hill.
Climbing time : 1hr
Parking: At the base 
Level: Easy


Saturday 2 December 2017

Huliyurdurga: (KumbiBetta Trek) - A Navadurga

Huliyurdurga is located in tumkur district in karnataka. which is around 60 km from tumkur and 99 km from Bengaluru. Generally for the outsiders like me the kumbi betta is called as Huliyurdurga Fort or Vice Versa. Its one of the Navadurga's around Bengaluru. It was in my list from many years.
As it was a last Navadurga for me which was pending from past 3 years. Nowadays we restrict ourselves from taking more stress and strain probably age is a factor. Earlier we used to start ride early in the morning at 4 or 4.30AM and reach the trek base by max 8AM and return to bangalore by lunch or in the late afternoon depending upon the drive distance and trek distance. But Nowadays what we do is that we start in by late morning or late afternoon and reach the nearest available lodge options and explore nearby places and next day early morning we start trek and reach to the hotel by 11am and start to bengaluru and reach by evening.  Well Kumbi Betta initially me and my friend lost the trail to the top, There is a ruined temple at the base and to the left of the temple the steps starts till the middle of the hill where there is a Kumbi Ganapathi temple. After which there is no steps. From here to reach the top of hill there are 2 parts of rock climbing or rock management. The climb is to the top of hill is easy but getting down is bit risky and slippery. Overall its easy trek except the last phase. Look for ruined fort at the top and view of huliyurdurga city. It is said that its built by KempeGowda. There is no shelter at the top of the hill.
View From Malleswara Betta
How to Reach : Bangalore-- Nelamanagala-- Kunigal- HuliyurDurga

Permission : As of now Not required

Steps : Yes till the middle of the hill.

Climbing time : 1hr

Parking: Near the temple

Level: Easy 

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary

Lodge: JK lodge which is in the heart of the city and newly constructed, from here the trek base is 1 km. Rs.600 for double room , as its newly constructed its neat and clean, Good for Family and ladies too.

Monday 20 November 2017

Book Review of "Kuch Woh Pal" by Subrat Saurabh

About the Author: Subrat Saurabh, an author, artist and blogger, is famously known by his pen name ChickenBiriyanii. His tweets and clever liners were broadcast and increased in value over TV stations and it oftentimes gets grabbed and distributed in driving daily papers or online news gateways. His tweets and clever liners are likewise extolled; and turn into a web sensation over WhatsApp. His verse and short stories have been distributed in different magazines.He studied from DAV JVM Shayamli, Ranchi, and completed Engineering from KLESCET, Belgaum. He is as of now functioning as a Senior Consultant in Wipro Ltd. also, lives in Bangalore

About the Book:Kuch Woh Pal” is a hindi collection of poems of 75 pages with catchy paperback, which can be read in one go. The writer takes you on an excursion mixed with delighted and agonizing encounters of a young man going up against the battles of life where he is far from his home for ponders, makes new companions, discovers love, say a final farewell to her lastly experiencing a tumult of feelings like outrage, sentiments, aloofness, despondency, disappointment, partition, relinquishment, and so forth. This book is justified regardless of everybody's chance since it doesn't request much time; the lyrics are moderately short and hitting, and the emotions will stay with you until the end of time.This is certainly a novel idea. I altogether delighted in understanding it. I wish there were more pages with more lyrics as it leaves u requesting more. 'Kuch woh Pal' makes for a delightful read and sets aside us back in opportunity to the moment that one leaves the home and encounters life all alone out of the blue. Every lyric is only a page long and the way that is anything but difficult to convey is another huge in addition to as we can read at whatever point and wherever we need to, regardless of whether while voyaging or from that most loved niche/corner in the house. The clear dialect makes the written work convincing and they never neglect to strike an emotive harmony. All the poems are well written with lot of emotions, thoughts and intensity, which shows the passion of writer.Of the part, Koi Unhe Ghazal Keh Raha Tha, was my most loved piece. Few times felt that some words and sentence echoed the other,but not the same. These are sonnets from the standard strolls of life, and the straightforward yet exact selection of words, influence you to feel they're close to home; like your own story. It’s a quick read, as a debutant Subrat has a very strong command over language as well as words. Anticipating few more books from the author. I would Rate 4/5.

Thanks to Blogadda for sending this awesome book for review.

Book is available online at Amazon with price of Rs.125. Grab your copy soon.

Author can be contacted via
1. Twitter Id - @ChickenBiryanii
2. Facebook Id - subrat.saurabh or ChickenBiryanii
3. Website Address -

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Friday 20 October 2017

Sir M Visvesvaraya Birth Place

How to Reach: Bangalore-- Yelahanka-- Kothanoor-- Muddenahalli
Nearby Places: NandiHills, Bhoga Nandeeshwara, Skanda Giri hill
Timings: 11AM to 5PM (Closed on public holidays)
Steps : No
Parking: Near the entrance of museum
Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary things.
Attractions: Park, samadhi and museum

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The original temple, recognized as one of the oldest temples of Karnataka, dates back to the 9th century A.D. and was afterward renovated consecutively as in the Dravidian style of construction. It is located at a distance of 54 km from Bangalore and at the bottom of Nandi Hills. The temple was initially constructed during the 9th century AD by Bana Queen Ratnavali, in the Dravidian style of construction. The main temple was renovated repeatedly throughout the consecutive five dynasties under Chola, Hoysala, Pallava and Vijayanagara kings. This big temple houses three temples within the temple complex, viz., Arunachaleswara, Uma Maheshwara and Bhoga Nandeeshwara (Bhoganandishwara). The other portion of the temple houses a large indoor water pond, called Sringeri Teertha and has rock cut steps on which many lamps are lit by the side of the tank on certain festive days like Deepavali. This pond is believed to be a source of Pinakini River. Inside the temple, certain stone carvings are also depicted. Bhoganandishwara Temple History Inscriptions of the Nolamba ruler Nolambadiraja and the Rashtrakuta king Govinda III (A.D. 806) and copper plates of the Bana ruler, Jayateja and Dattiya (A.D. 810) refer to the construction and grants to the Siva temple at Nandi. Nandi formed part of the Bana-Nolamba territory during fourth to tenth centuries A.D. Epigraphs indicate that it was under the rule of chola followed by Hoysala and Vijayanagara. Many who visit Nandi Hills near Bangalore, give it a miss mainly due to non awareness. But if you are planning a trip to Nandi Hills soon, Please don't miss this place. This temple is situated at the base of the hill before you start for the summit.

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Yelahanka-- Bhoga Nandeeshwara

Near by places: Visvesvaraya Birth Place, Skandagiri, Chennagiri Hill

Parking: Outside the temple

Can be Done: Pot luck Kind of thing, Picnic for few family

Sunday 8 October 2017

Channagiri Hill Trek

Channagiri Hills is in channapura village which is located near nandi hills, Around 60kms from Bengaluru.Its around 1300 to 1400 mts above sea level. The nandi hills range has many hiking opportunities around. Most of th times its always green an covered with mist. The Channagiri trek trail is almost covered with shrubs, has many boulders around and water bodies flowing all the way from the top of the hill.Heard there are 2 ways to the hill. We started from Channapura village, there is a one more way from sultanpet as well, comparitively sultanpet trail is easy.The mesmerizing views of Nandi hills range, the chirruping of birds, chilling breeze, slippery rocks, mindblowing waterfalls made trekking more interesting and restless. There are few small falls on the way to the peak as it was a rainy season. Weekend usually crowded with local village and town people. Better to be in the group trek. The huge waterfalls is on the middle way of the peak which quite scary and majestic. There are few hidden small waterfalls which can be explored if interested. Suitable care to be taken incase trekking during rainy season as the rocks are slippery , also terrain is very diverse ,it could be very dangerous. From the lake to trek base is almost 20 mins walk inside the grapeyards and paddy lands. From Greenery to waterfalls, Ruins to rocky lands, It was a package of everything in one!!.

Look For : Cave temple well before the top, Hanuman temple at the peak, Kalyani at the top, Few ruins around, Blue pond near the start of actual trek.

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Ranicroos-- Kuduvathi- Channapura Village

Near by places: Horagina Betta, Kaurava Kunda,Skandagiri

Permission : As of now Not required

Steps : No

Climbing time : Ascend-3 hrs(8-9 kms both ways)

Parking: Near the channapura village river

Level: Moderate to Difficult

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary things.

There are many trekking organisation which could plan a weekend trek or somemore adventure activities. Few of them to name are Nomadify, Madventures. Look out their space for more details and packages.