Saturday 2 December 2017

Huliyurdurga: (KumbiBetta Trek) - A Navadurga

Huliyurdurga is located in tumkur district in karnataka. which is around 60 km from tumkur and 99 km from Bengaluru. Generally for the outsiders like me the kumbi betta is called as Huliyurdurga Fort or Vice Versa. Its one of the Navadurga's around Bengaluru. It was in my list from many years.
As it was a last Navadurga for me which was pending from past 3 years. Nowadays we restrict ourselves from taking more stress and strain probably age is a factor. Earlier we used to start ride early in the morning at 4 or 4.30AM and reach the trek base by max 8AM and return to bangalore by lunch or in the late afternoon depending upon the drive distance and trek distance. But Nowadays what we do is that we start in by late morning or late afternoon and reach the nearest available lodge options and explore nearby places and next day early morning we start trek and reach to the hotel by 11am and start to bengaluru and reach by evening.  Well Kumbi Betta initially me and my friend lost the trail to the top, There is a ruined temple at the base and to the left of the temple the steps starts till the middle of the hill where there is a Kumbi Ganapathi temple. After which there is no steps. From here to reach the top of hill there are 2 parts of rock climbing or rock management. The climb is to the top of hill is easy but getting down is bit risky and slippery. Overall its easy trek except the last phase. Look for ruined fort at the top and view of huliyurdurga city. It is said that its built by KempeGowda. There is no shelter at the top of the hill.
View From Malleswara Betta
How to Reach : Bangalore-- Nelamanagala-- Kunigal- HuliyurDurga

Permission : As of now Not required

Steps : Yes till the middle of the hill.

Climbing time : 1hr

Parking: Near the temple

Level: Easy 

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary

Lodge: JK lodge which is in the heart of the city and newly constructed, from here the trek base is 1 km. Rs.600 for double room , as its newly constructed its neat and clean, Good for Family and ladies too.


  1. Could not find the way up. Today we tried climbing Huliyurdurga on 29-6-21. Can you give complete details about the route in details from ganapathi temple

  2. Yes its very tricky to find way, we also missed initially, in-front of temple there is way up, follow electric line. You will see steps from starting

  3. We just trekked it today - 29th august. If u were already able to find the way, pls ignore this msg. Just next to the Ganapathi temple, there are 2 ways, one to the left & one just above. You can take the one right next to it which goes up. It’s tricky and gets a bit difficult at certain places. Pls be careful & happy trekking ! ☺️👍

  4. Hi,

    Do we need any permission to go for a trek here? If so, where to get it?