Friday 26 January 2018

Pavagada Fort- Hidden Gem

Pavagada Fort is one of the forgotten fort around Bangalore, most of the trek and travel enthusiast people don't go here probably because its far from Bangalore (180km) and less direct connectivity to the place. The fort is architectural marvel that needs high attention to preserve. It is a photographer’s muse, an architect’s inspiration, a trekker’s delight and a rock climber’s Mecca. The Shanimahatma Temple in Pavagada town is famous and attracts devotees from far-off places. Tiny lanes next to the Temple lead to the foothills of Pavagada Fort. These streets are not well maintained. The stink of human waste, piles of plastic, destroyed interiors of the enclosures, and broken fort walls indicate the lack of maintenance and human apathy towards it. If one ignores all that, a two-hour-long trek will take you to the two large towers situated at the top of the Fort. With seven levels of fortification and a secret tunnel for the king to escape, it only contributes to the fact that the Fort was fully war-ready. The complex also houses a mosque, a pond and a massive bunker that gets ample sunlight. The architectural marvels are visible as you trek up to the top of the Fort. The sturdy Fort is in a better condition holding evidence to the indigenous engineering skills of the period. The Fort is said to have witnessed many royal battles. The trail to the top goes through large entrances, stairs and rocky patches with enough resting places. This makes the trek tolerable even when the temperature soars in summer. Halfway through, there is a small Hanuman Temple. Offerings at the Temple suggest that the locals visit the Temple regularly. Once at the top of the hill the cool breeze will only help you to explore around. Courtesy: Deccan Herald

How to Reach : Bangalore-- Yelahanka-- Penukonda- Pavagada

Near by places: Madhugiri Fort, Nidagal Fort, Penukonda

Permission : As of now Not required

Steps : Yes

Climbing time : 1.30 Hrs

Parking: Near temple at the base

Level: Easy to Moderate

Things to Carry: Water, Food and all necessary

Lodge: Vijaya Deluxe Lodge, which is located heart of the city, Rs.400 for 2 bedroom non ac and non TV and Rs.600 for 2 bedroom non-ac and TV. The front office of the lodge is very good and also rooms are neat and clean.
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