Saturday 14 June 2014

Huthridurga Trekking - A Navadurga

               HUTRIDURGA is Ruined fortifications are still visible on the two hillocks surrounding the village.
It was seven tiered fort. Its one among the Nine Durgas around Bangalore (Nava Durgas). It has a small temple dedicated to Shiva and Nandi.

Distance from Bangalore : 2*85Kms

Best time to Trek: Not Monsoon & Not Night

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time to Reach from Base: Max 1 Hrs.

Parking: Near Village 

Things to Carry: Food, Water, Good Shoes

Explore: Caves, Ragi grinding stone (Ragi biso kallu),temple at the top, 7 dwara's, Anjaneya temple,Nandi Statue.

Route Map: Bangalore ----> Nelamangala -----> Huliyur ----> A small Ghat section (3 hair pin bend)----> Huthridurga Fort Base.
Can be accessible via kunigal and magadi road 

Note : Huliyur fort & Huthridurga Fort are different its not same.
1st Entrance of fort
On the way pose
Heading up
Another Entrance
Shiva Temple
Another Pose
Chota Ghat Road
The Sarathi's
Huthridurga Fort
“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” –Anatole France

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