Sunday 20 May 2012


Day-1, Morning 7.00AM. Started from Hyderabad for a long drive to Srisailam .All set for srisailam, Some few new faces as well, all of us got into spanking tata winger with a singh is king(Car Pilot). As we had done our home work about the roads we had some idea where and how to reach, but the journey to the place is awesome. Considering this we were all ready to have as many pit stops as we would want but we dint take many pit stops. First pit-stop was for refueling, not for the taxi, but for its occupants. We had gossiping amongst us and some namakarans as well like batmanbehenji, cockroach , crocodile,in our journey.

Mallelatheertham Waterfalls

 Next stop was the best part of the trip – Mallelatheertham Waterfalls, Paused our journey for hours in waterfalls. The falls is about 50-60 kms before Srisailam and only a board announces that you need to take a left and drive for around 8-9 kms on a kachcha road to reach the Mallela Theertham Waterfalls. The back-breaking 8 km drive and the 350 steps descent is totally worth the effort. This is not the best falls I have seen, since it was a long time I saw the falls so it was good but not really best  for me because I am from coastal belt of Karnataka. But the water was cold enough to make us chillax!!. At the waterfalls please be careful about belongings since we have lots of ancestors( Monkeys) around.

River Krsihna- Patal Ganga
 After Spending 2-3 hrs in waterfalls we resumed our journey towards srisailam, but tiredness and hungriness made us fall asleep automatically for sometime. By the time we reached srisailam it was around 3.30pm “Paet Main Khide Khelne Lage the”. Finally we found a restaurant for lunch and luckily it was a full meal which is good for people like me who eat more. After that we booked rooms for staying there and freshen up and relaxed also. Evening we headed to temple, had very good darshana as well since it was Saturday as well as some auspicious day we had to wait in long “Q” but “kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padtha hai”. The gang was totally tired and again we headed to hotel for dinner. After that we headed directly towards room but plan was to go to dam since in night it will be mesmerizing.

Srisailam Bhramarambha Mallikharjuna Swami Devasthanam
 Day-2, Next day morning we thought that at least we should leave room by 7.30AM but couldn’t by avoidable reasonz!! ;). Straight Away after having breakfast we headed to Akkamahadevi caves to reach we had to take Rope Way to Patal Ganga as well as Boating in Krishna River. After more than 1hr approx in boat with lots of photo sessions and fun we reached banks of Krishna River. Must say the sceneries while boating was damn good with cool breeze, clean water and tress around.  From the banks of river we had to walk for 10 mins to reach the doors of caves. We did stomach loading with water which was available from the shop available in the caves doorstep. 

Akkamahadevi Caves
 Initially we were told about history of the caves and its existence from the guide there and were given candles because of darkness inside. It’s around 80 meter walk inside the caves and after few meters it was really suffocating. But we managed to offer our prayer at Shiva Lingam there and came back to our boat. Frankly I was tired because of dehydration, Dint mingle too much while coming back in boat, dumb shall act made people to show their talents. After having lunch at srisailam we rushed into room since we had to leave to Hyderabad and again I had to travel back to Bangalore after long vacation as well. Faces were dull not because they are tired but next day is Monday;).  The Journey to the srisailam ends but not the journey of life.


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