Saturday 19 July 2014

Nagala Trekking

The first few Google results throws up the instances of an student drowning and such morose newscast. But not everybody been there had bad experience.After performing ground work from blogs as well as Nambi Loyola. So finally on July 18th we started from Bangalore reached tirupathi bus stand at 5.30AM, it was tri state friends meet in tirupathi Bus stand. Freshened up & had breakfast at tirupathi and packed food, resumed our journey to nagalapuram.

How we Traveled :
a. Rajahamsa from Shanthingar Bustand to Tirupathi.
b. Tirupathi to Nagalapuram town in Local Bus.
c. Nagalapuram town to Trek Base by Auto.

Where we Freshed up in tirupathi :
 Public Toilets of bus stand.

Auto Charge from Nagalapuram town to Trek Base:
250 per auto.7 guys in a auto.

Distance of Nagalapuram town to Trek Base:

1st day:
a. Breakfast at tirupathi
b. Packed lunch from tirupathi for 1st day.
c. Tetra pack milk/Biscuits for Evening Tea
d. Ready to eat chapathi,Palak panner,soup for dinner.
e. 2 litres of water each for 2 days.
2nd Day:
a. Corn flakes with milk, Bread,Jam,Tea for morning breakfast
b. Ready to eat chapathi,Palak panner,soup for Lunch.

Camping can be done? :
wherever we find flat surface.

Campfire is allowed? :

Animals around?:
Yes, but we found only dogs.

Flowing water good for drinking?:
Yes/No, its all in your mind.

Is trek trial clear?:
Yes, if you follow water stream.which we dint follow and we were lost.

Difficulty Level :
Easy to Moderate

Things to Carry:
a. Back-Pack
b. Trekking shoes
c. Blankets or sleeping bags,Tents,Ropes
d. Full length pants-recommended- to protect from snake/insect bites.
e. Torches
Since there was shortage of water as planned we used flowing water for rest of the trek.
We had covered around 380 kms of bus journey till nagala. last 20 kms to the trek start point by auto.
The common trek protocol, distribute the food luggage , instructions and simple rule. follow the lead ,dont fall behind the sweep.

Steam of water on the trek route flowing all the way from the peak to the lake at the starting point and there is a temple right next to this stream.

First pool on the trek route. trek was for 8kms , first pool we saw after covering around 2 kms . we just enjoyed the view and kept moving.

Non swimmers pool , water was clear. small fishes were biting- fish spa. there was a small falls on the one end and and the depth was around 8 feet , other side max depth was 5 feet. we spent lot of time in this pool on both the days.

Sliding pool , we made our way up till the peak of the hill. The sliding pool is a natural amusement park-like structure of a rock slide lubricated with moss, that you can use to slide into a pool.
Magic Pool, a 75 foot cliff with small water fall. below which there is a deep pool of water. some of us took a jump from clip.

                        Front view of magic pool, we used the rocks next the the falls to reach the base.

This is the 3rd pool after sliding and magic pool. that's a natural bathtub and pool:). non swimmers spent most of the time in this pool where as our expert swimmers were enjoying clip jumping into magic pool.

' It's Good to Get Lost Sometimes' We took wrong trail on day one and it was too late to trek back to explore. luckily we found a nice flat surface where we pitched tent , set campfire, cooked food and lots of fun. on day two we realized that the only one option we had for camping site.We had good time around campfire, dog was our pet for the trek followed us all the way for two days.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”- Gustave Flaubert


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