Sunday 21 September 2014

Belum Caves

Belum Caves has a length of 3229 metres, making it the second largest natural caves in Indian Subcontinent. Belum caves was formed by the perpetual underground flow of chitravathi river. It’s located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. I had visited few caves in around but belum caves is amusing experience, which was explored by Robert bruce foote in 1884 and Thanks to AP tourism for maintaining very attractively. After which it was unnoticed till 1982 until german team headed by Herbert Daniel Gabauer conducted detail exploration of the caves in 1980’s.

Whats inside caves?

3.Saptasvarala Guha or Musical Chamber
4.Dhyan Mandir or Meditation Hall
5.Thousand Hoods
6.Banyan Tree Hall

Buddha Near Entarnce

Belum Caves gets its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Bilum’ which means ‘cave’. There are three big sinkholes in the cave complex, one of which has been converted into the main entrance. These natural caves are located in the midst of flat agricultural land in the limestone area close to ‘Kolimigundla’ village, in Kurnool district. Though the total explored length of the cave complex is around 3.5km, around 1.5 kms is open to the public. There are still several passages that are yet to be explored and cleared of remains, though the guides will carry torches and most of the main passages are well-lit. There is also an underground stream and a mini waterfall deep inside the caves, called ‘Patala Ganga’. Not sure if siva linga is carved or formed. To reach Patala Ganga There are several pillar formation, several passages that are too narrow to be opened to the public and you can only look into them and wonder what lies around and ahead. Lots of interpretations ‘Koti lingalu’, ’1000 hoods’, ‘Simha-dwaram’ etc. There are still quite a few passages yet to be explored and they have been barred for the public.Existence of Buddhists also found here.

What to carry inside caves: Water only, torch not required.

Guide: Will be available with free of cost. If possible please pay some random amount.

Entry Fee: Rs.50.

Where to stay: APTDC Haritha Hotel (Dormitory per person Rs.60, 21 bed capacity) or tadipathri.

To Eat: APTDC Haritha Hotel limited menu, a shop near ticket counter.

Nearest Places: Tadipathri, Gooty,Jammalamadugu,Gandikota.

How we reached: Bangalore –Gandikota—Belum Caves.

Must Go :

Entrance of Belum Caves

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