Saturday 20 September 2014

Gandikota - "Grand Canyon of India"

Gandikota fort was built in 13th century AD. It was founded in 1123 by Kapa Raja of nearby Bommanapalle village and a subordinate of Ahavamalla Someswara I, the Western Chalukyan king of Kalyana. The fort was made more impregnable by Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu.The fort was under the control of Pemmasani Nayaks for over 300 years. The fort of Gandikota acquired its name due to the 'gorge' (in Telugu it is called 'gandi'), formed between the Erramala range of hills, also known as Gandikota hills reducing its width to a mere 300 ft. It’s called “Grand Canyon of India”.

My Insight:

Fort is surrounded by treacherous hills, deep valley and massive boulders of red stones. It’s natural defense for the fort. It has its own history during Kakatiya, Vijayanagara and Qutub Shahi periods. Its implausible architecture of temples, masjid waves many travelers every year. An eye catching beauty of canyon with pennar river flowing. Now the fort is under archeological department but maintenance of the splendid architecture is thumps down.

Places to Visit:

1. Fort Entrance
2. Charminar
3. Jail
4. Madhavaraya Temple
5. Royal Tank
6. Jama Masjid
7. Ranganatha Swamy Temple
8. Granary
9. Gandikota Gorge View Point
10. Rayala Cheruvu
11. Gandikota Village
12. Anjaneya temple near entrance

Stay Options:

1. Can stay inside jama masjid or outside granary with tents, But since it is under archeological department it may be offense, but still people stay.

2. APTDC Haritha resort is good place to stay.10 double rooms and 3 dormitories of 8 each capacity.Rooms are clean with attached bathroom facility.
Tariff : Double rooms: Rs 735
           Dormitories : Rs 1500
3. Can get good hotels in tadpatri which is 50Km away from Gandikota

Food Options:

1. APTDC Haritha resort is not expensive. Its veg & Egg restaurant,No drinks served.
2. A small shop near fort entrance where we can find eatables and soft drinks.
Route Options:

By Own Vehicle : Bangalore --> Kadiri -->Pulivendula --> Muddanur --> Jammalamadugu --> Gandikota
By Bus : Bangalore --->Kadapa -->  Jammalamadugu --> Gandikota

Gandikota History
Gandikota Charminar
Jumma Masjid


Madhavaraya Temple

Madhavaraya Temple Entrance

Checkout what it is !!

Panaromic View of Madhavaraya Temple

View of Masjid & Madhavaraya Temple from Ranganatha Swamy Temple

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