Saturday 5 March 2016

Night Trek to Kaurava Kunda

Kaurava Kunda is twin hill, which is named after the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Both the slopes are effortlessly agreeable from Hariharapura, which is a little village in the town of Chikkaballapura and it is referred to (as much as it could ever be known) for these twin crests. The hill is around 75 kms from Bangalore and around 5 kms from Chikaballapura. The hill of this rich slope rises 250 meters high and a flight of sandy steps lead to the top. Mostly halfway lies the hallowed place of Lord Shiva, who rules over the glossy mountain, scaled incidentally by brave mountain climbers.

Route: Bangalore -- Chikkaballapura ---Hariharapura
How to get there: Can be reached by KSRTC Bus.

How we travelled: Own vehicle (Winger)

Distance of trek: 2 hrs

Permission: Not Required (Do not harm village atmosphere)

Food/Breakfast: Available in Chikaballapura

Steps: Yes, till the temple.

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