Saturday 2 July 2016

Muthathi and bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari comes under Cauvery wildlife range. Many wildlife has been encountered very often. These days trekking and other activities are banned from forest department. Only acticities that can be carried out is with jungle resorts from karnataka tourism department. Which too costly. They have packages and few activities and night stay. Which will vary according to the weather around and atmosphere. Initially people were allowed to go near the water in bheemeshwari and around the jungle. But nowadays all the activites are banned and monitoried by forest officials. Its a thick jungle with flora and fauna. Kayaking, boating can be carried out only if tourists book a one night package. Day out is a utter waste in bheemeshwari.

Muthathi (or Muttatti) is a settlement arranged on the banks of the Kaveri waterway close Malavalli in the Indian condition of Karnataka. It is encompassed by a thick woods which is the home of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. The area has relationship with Sita (the spouse of Rama) and Anjaneya (a Hindu god), and there is a little sanctuary committed to Anjaneya close to the town. This very much associated bumpy spot is open from Bangalore through direct transport/private vehicles.


          There is nothing apart from a jungle ride.Lot of Restrictions to get into water.

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