Friday 24 February 2017

Review of Open Eyed Meditations By Shubha Vilas

Open-eyed Meditations is a wonderful gathering of musings wherein every reflection takes you on an adventure to the past, bringing a mystery herb to recuperate an issue of the present. A genuine refining of old intelligence tips for current lives, this extraordinary self improvement guide utilizes the shrewdness of the Ramayana and the mahabharatha to tackle your regular issues. Past the storyline, something more profound is holding up to be found from these old writings. This book is an endeavor to reveal the concealed layer of riches that is keenly bundled inside the generally known storylines. There are 64 chapters and every section reveals insight upon contemporary problems. The portrayal is clear and addresses the different issues each individual face in their life. It answers probably the most troublesome inquiries identified with individual, proficient and societal issues that we confront. Each part is extremely concise but each is trailed by a consolidated synopsis which makes it simple to summarize. It will be exceptionally compensating to start every morning by perusing a part of this book and spending a couple of minutes in contemplation. This book is a powerhouse of information and unquestionably merits a place in each bookshelf. This is a book that must be perused over and over to hone and teach our brain into taking care of various circumstances that we may experience in life. It gives a more extensive picture of life and prompts us on the best way to act with individuals, see each other, identify with issues, and handle intense circumstances. I would prescribe this book to everybody as it has every one of the components that which took after will help us lead a cheerful and significant life. The writer has splendidly deciphered the different situations of Ramayana and Mahabharata to display moving life lessons. Can be perused at whatever point life hands you over odd circumstances. The Specialty of the book is you can read any section. The book records issues that we experience in todays' age in our work environments, at home, and so forth. It gives radiant knowledge and approaches to manage it. The book is composed in a basic dialect which you can specifically associate with and manages our everyday life and connections .Highly prescribed to each one of the individuals who try to wind up distinctly better people. This is a self-improvement guide with a distinction. It can be delighted in by the youthful and the old similarly. The best part of the book is that each chapters doesn’t need a continuity of previous chapters, But yes definitely it links each one’s life in one or other part.

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About the Author:
Shubha Vilas: Has a degree of engineering and law, he is one of the motivational speaker and addresses youth and top level management across the globe and also inspires them. This is 4th book I am reading after his game of life series.

Title: OPEN-EYED MEDITATIONS Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life
Author: Shubha Vilas
Pages: 280
Price: Rs. 250
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

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