Saturday 26 April 2014

Maribetta Trekking

Maribetta is situated close to Kanakpura on Bangalore-Kanakpura highway. Around 60km ride from Bangalore, on a state highway. It’s locally known as Karadibetta because here one can see lots of bear’s. The peak is not that high compared to other popular trekking spots around bangalore but the way to the top is fairly thorny and confusing at places.

 How to Reach: Bangalore --> Kanakpura --> Maribetta  Only Own/Hired vehicle

        1. The right from NH 209, just after Kanakpura
             2. The arch where we need to take a right toward Kuthnahalli.
                  3. After the village one can find temple at the base of the hill.       


Best time to Trek: Not Monsoon & Not Night

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Time to Reach from Base: 2–3 Hrs.

Parking: Near Bananthimari temple. 

Things to Carry: Food, Water, Good Shoes

Explore: Caves, Ragi grinding stone (Ragi biso kallu), Carvation of pagade game from chola’s.

Trek Path: Bananthimari temple --> base Small Pond &  small Mantapa with nandi & linga --> Valley--> 1st Cave --> Anjaneya carvation -->2nd Cave ---> Peak.

Trek Path with some photos:

Bananthimari temple Base

  Small Pond &  small Mantapa with nandi & linga


1st Cave

Anjaneya Carvation

2nd Cave
At the Peak
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