Saturday 23 August 2014

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Camping

Camping in front of waterfalls with 200 unknown people, sometimes drizzling , sometimes cloudy,hearing birds whistling and trying to repeat same,Late night sleep with train sound yes the only place its none other than DudhSagar water Falls. This was third consecutive year I am trekking to dudhsagar waterfalls. 1st one was on August 2012 with 4 friends route taken was castle rock to dudhsagar falls.2nd was on August 2013 with 30 friends again the same route as 1st one.3rd was on August 2014 with 18 friends. Out of which few trekked from castle rock to dudhsagar falls.Rest went directly to Falls and pitched the tents.Next day everybody trekked from Dudhsagar falls to kulem ( Mud Road). Till sonalium it was 4 km railway track,After station on the right side you will find a temple follow the mud road, next 4 km was mud road walk crossing streams, tiny tiny waterfalls. Next 4 Km was again railway track till Kulem.

Dudhsagar trek distance:
Dudhsagar falls to Kulem on mud road - 12 km (One Way)

Time to trek:
Kulem to  Dudhsagar falls on mud road - 4 to 6 hours (One side)

Best time to trek: July to september(During Monsoon )

Permission: Not required

Camping : Infront of DudhSagar waterfalls, Near DudhSagar station.
                  Yes it is safe

All Trains Stops at all the below station:
Train stations towards Kulem from CastleRock are as follows.
CastleRock - Caranzol - DudhSagar - Sonalium - Kulem

Food was available at the Falls.(Maggi, Tea, Soft drinks,Chips,If you are talented enough you can get Hard drink also).Rice and dal available if your in large group.But Not every time you will find these things. The 1st time we went on 2012 we did not find anything so better to carry your own.

Route :
Dudhsagar to kulem trek view is not as scenic as Castle rock to dudhsagar waterfalls. But there is waterfalls where we can spend some time.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls :

2012 :
Dudhsagar Waterfalls :

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