Sunday 10 August 2014

Syed Basha Hill - Krishnagiri Fort

 It’s Also known as Krishnadevarayara Mountain. Beautiful fortress on the top. Ancient fort was occupied by the legendary Tippu Sultan and is a major tourist site in Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri fort, krishnadevarayar mountain and syed basha hill all are same.
It’s a nice place to visit. Nothing mark able as a highlight but for the scenic view over the dam and the krishnagiri city. Supremely for a bike / a day driving trip from Bangalore. It is worth making that effort to travel to the place. The forts of Tippu Sultan have been remaining as the arty and architectural heritage of India from ancient times, exclusively the development of rock-cut architecture. The artistic creations in the monuments are the representation of the adept artisanship of the then artisans. Suitable for Early Morning trekking. There is a dhurga at the top of hill. Few caves some are manually built and few are naturally.

Coordinates: 12°32'18"N   78°12'53"E.

Time to trek from Base Hill: 1hr

Things to Carry:
1.    Water
2.    Few Biscuit Packets

Permission Required: No

Road Map: 
Bangalore ---> Hosur ---> Krishnagiri Toll ---> Take left turn.

"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been" Diane Arbus

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