Sunday 30 August 2015

Gudibanda Fort Alias Surasadmagiri Hill

Gudibanda is a taluk in chickaballapur district. Gudibanda fort also known as Surasadmagiri Hill. Gudibanda is a small town about 100 km from Bengaluru. It is said to be its a replica of madhugiri fort. The fort is situated in the right side of town. Gudibande fort is 7 layered fort built by local chieftain Byre Gowda. He is said to be RobinHood of Gudibanda. Interestingly the fort has rain water harvesting and many ponds inside the fort. There is a temple on top of fort. There are several caves inside the fort. On the middle way of fort A Hanuman idol embedded on the wall. A spectacular view from the top of the fort. Again its one of the ruined fort, should have maintained well by government. A temple at the top was locked. Said to be it belongs to Lord Shiva and also considered one of the 108 Jyothirlingas as per Wiki.Few of the sculpture embedded on the walls and pillars are invisible because of non maintenance.There no good hotels in the town Better to have in Highway.

How to Reach :
Bangalore/Hyderabad Highway -- Take a left from the Highway(Check for Boards) -- Gudibande Town

Near by places: Varlakunda FortDevanahalli Fort, Skandgiri TrekNandi HillsHoragina Betta Trek

Permission : Not required

Steps : Yes

Climbing time : 30-45 mins Max If its non stop

Parking: At the base of the fort

For more photos : vikasjakatiphotography

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