Saturday 15 August 2015

First Aid Saved Friends life

My friend broke his arm in one of our trips and this is how rest of us helped :D We were in a remote area where there was no doctor facility. He was having immense amount of pain which came down after this setup. Next day we visited nearest city and Doctor was really impressed with our friends creativity :) Edit: Many of them asked where this happened. It happened at Gandikota also known as 'Grand canyon of India' which is very remote from the city. We always carry basic First aid kit with us. Finally it helped .
The aim of first aid was to make sure there is no hand movement. When we are back to Bangalore we directly took our friend to hospital. Doctor appreciated the effort made by us, even he took a snap of it. May be he will share this in his Medical Council.

Step 1: We searched for 2 litres empty  bottle and cut based on friends visual hand measurement. 1 litre bottle can be used too depending upon patient hand measurement.

Step 2: Put White plaster around the around the cut bottle so that the bottle stay rigid.

Step 3: Pick any stick clean all the dirt and thorns.

Step 4: Apply pain relief ointment before bottle is kept below the hand

Step 5 :  After ointment cotton covering to be done before the bottle fix

Step 6: Cotton and plaster rigidly fastened so that bottle can be easily attached

Step 7: Attach the bottle below the elbow

 Step 8: Stick to be used outside the bottle to make sure bottle doesn't have movement

 Step 9:  White bandage to be used to make bottle and stick motion less.

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