Saturday 9 January 2016

Siddarabetta Trek

Siddara Betta means"Hill of Saints" (in Kannada) is prestigious for various the Hindu sadhus and their reflections. It is rough slope which has full vegetation It is said that, numerous holy people used to perform contemplation in the caves which is extended more than 1km inside. Subsequently the name "Siddara Betta" in Kannada implies the heap of diviners. We have Lord Siddalingeshwara(Shiva) temple inside the caves. Trekking to top of slope to visit Sadhu Dhyana Sthana likewise great one for nature sweethearts. Cave exploration is an agreeable affair. There is a temple in the precipice also.Priest pours holy water on our heads, which is said to have medicinal essence and cure diseases.However water is very cold. Inside the temple there are few caves which was restricted.

Route: Bangalore -- Tumkur --- Siddara Betta
How to get: own vehicle
Distance: 5 Kms (One Way) to the top of hill. 2km to the temple
Permission: Not Required
Food/Breakfast: Available near the base

Note: Be aware of monkeys
Photo Courtesy: Kevin and Vikas Jakati

                                   Please carry all the plastic and litter before you leave

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