Saturday 16 January 2016

Road Trip - Day -2 - BR Hills and K Gudi

The Biligirirangana Hills, normally called B R Hills, is a slope range arranged in south-eastern Karnataka, at its fringe with Tamil Nadu (Erode District) in South India. The territory is called Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or essentially BRT Wildlife Sanctuary. It is aprotected reserve under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Being at the confluence of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, the asylum is home to eco-frameworks that are one of a kind to both the mountain ranges. The site was declared a tiger save in January 2011 by the Karnataka government, a couple of months after endorsement from India's National Tiger Conservation Authority. A vast Michelia champaka known as "Doddasampige"(from Kannada for substantial Champak tree.It is one of a few sacrosanct forests of India of the Soliga individuals. The tree is accepted to be a few hundred years of age and its extensive covering gives safe house to various lingas adored by neighborhood groups, including the Soligas. The tree is on the banks of a stream, Bhargavi. On the event of Mahashivaratri, a few merriments including move and supplications are generally performed around a flame by the Soligas. The sanctuary of Ranganatha is arranged at the edge of an exposed precipice disregarding the northern parts of the haven. The uncovered rock-precipice looks white in shading, giving the slope its name (Biligiri in Kannada implies white slope). The divinity is frequently alluded to as Biligiriranga and is portrayed in an extraordinary standing position. The Ranganatha divinity at this sanctuary is perhaps the main standing type of Ranganatha, ascribed to Tipu Sultan's rechristening of a past Venkatesha sanctuary, when he went to these slopes amid a chasing endeavor. This may have happened to draw in support of the Sultan as he was assumed be a benefactor of Ranganatha. Different divinities in the sanctuary incorporate those of Ranganayaki and a few Alvars.A yearly auto celebration is held amid Vaishakha in the month of April.At regular intervals, the nearby Soliga tribe show an expansive pair of shoes measuring 1-foot (0.30 m) and 9 inches, to Ranganatha.

Closest Airport - Mysore (86kms), Bangalore (180kms), Coimbatore (180kms)

Closest Railway Station - Chamarajanagar(27kms), Mysore(86kms), Ramanagaram(128kms)

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