Saturday 29 July 2017

Turner Falls-Oklahoma

Turner Falls is one of Oklahoma's tallest waterfalls, dropping 77 feet into a natural swimming pool. Located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains near Davis, Turner Falls Park draws thousands of visitors each year who enjoy swimming, hiking, and camping. There are numerous springs within the Arbuckle Mountains; one of them is Honey Creek, which creates the cascade. Turner Falls, named for Mazeppa Thomas Turner, sits six miles south of Davis, Oklahoma.Since 1868, the recreational area has been a popular family destination providing a rock castle, natural caves, novelty shops, picnic sites, cabins, camp sites, RV sites, bath houses, hiking trails, and sandy beaches to explore!

Nearby Places: Winstar Casino
Entry Fees: Yes 
Timings: 7AM-10PM
Time Required: Relax as much as you can
Parking: Available at the entrance

Fun Activities in Turner Falls Park

Waterfall fun: The 77ft waterfall is something that you can’t just look away from. Once you are near it, you cannot resist glancing at it or just diving in the pool.
Picnic Sites: Hungry? Looking for a good picnic spot? Well, look no more. Because you are going to find a bunch of them in Turner Park.
Cabins: one of the best things inside the Turner Park are our amazing cabins. They are very beautiful and equipped to be the perfect place to relax.
R.V. Hookups: Of course, don’t forget about these R.V. Hookups.
Novelty Shops: Feeling bored? Visit the novelty shops and kill time. You might find something you like.
Hiking Trails: Hiking is something that everyone’s blood pumped up. Well, fortunately, there’s natural hiking trails here that are always a fun experience.
Bath Houses: After a fun and active day, who wouldn’t like a nice relaxing end to the day at a Bath House?
Sandy Beaches: Whether you want to take a sun bath or build a sand castle. You know you can always count on the sandy beaches.
Natural Swimming Areas: Natural swimming areas a very fun activity site. You can enjoy swimming right under the waterfall. But be sure to have safety if you have children with you.
Caves: Only the name is interesting enough to get someone going. The three natural caves that are inside the Turner Park are a huge tourist magnet.

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