Saturday 27 May 2017

Channarayanadurga Trek- A Navadurga

Channarayana Durga is a fortress close Madhugiri around 100km from Bengaluru. Fort is constructed by local king(Paalegaara) Chikkappa Gowda, who was ruling the Madhugiri and surrounding places. it later fell under the control of Marathas. Be that as it may, in consequent years control of the post changed a few times amongst Marathas and Mysore Wodeyers. The British assumed control over the stronghold amid third Mysore war and after that relinquished it.

How to Reach :
Bangalore-Dabaspete-Urdigere-Koratagere-Channarayana Durga

Near by Places: Medigeshi Fort, Madhugiri Fort, Siddarbetta Trek

Permission : Not required

Steps : No

Climbing time : 2 hrs

Parking: In the village

Level: Moderate

Things to Carry: Water, Snacks available at the village shop.

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