Thursday 5 February 2015

Amazing Andamans Day -1 - Jolly Buoy Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island: A first few things strikes into mind are Islands, Scuba, Emerald green waters, Honeymoon, Beaches, kala Pani, Jarwah's, Marine life, Sea food and many more. Landed from chennai to Port Blair at 8AM, directly headed to Jolly Buoy. As our guide said there is some change in plan. Lets check out what it was and how it will be.Yes you heard right its our honeymoon!!!!.


JOLLY BUOY ISLAND located 30km southwest to port Blair. To reach JOLLY BUOY people have to come to Wandoor. Both jolly buoy and red skin island located at Mahatma Gandhi National park. Jolly Buoy Island is No plastic zone, before boarding boat we have to undergo serious checking and list of plastic items carrying. Ships start from Wandoor to jolly buoy at 9.00AM, Make sure you be on time. Initially after boarding a ship, jolly buoy ship guide will instruct about Do's and Don’ts and market about snorkeling and glass boat tariff. Choose whichever is suitable. After sailing for 1 hour you will be transferred to the Island through glass boats. Visitors will be taken through a glass bottom ride till island and can see spectacular view of underwater corals, duration is 5 -10minutes.People willing to see more of these can hire a boat independently and enjoy.

 Snorkeling not included in package. Additional amount has to be paid for Snorkeling and glass ride. Island covered with dense forest one side and other side deep blue sea. Wow, nature at its best! There is changing rooms in jolly buoy Island. There are no thieves in Island, but take care of belongings. Picking up corals from the island, which are at times lying around in the sand is a crime attracting heavy penalties. Monday is a weekly off to jolly buoy island.


1. Snorkeling

2. A ride in Glass Bottom Boat for viewing coral reef.

3. No Scuba Diving done here.


1. Ship journey to and fro- 750rs, includes 5 mins glass boat drop to Island and forest department fees.

2. Various packages for snorkeling starts from 300rs to 1000rs

3. Different tariff for glass boat ride 300rs to 1000rs.

Things to Carry to Jolly buoy Island:

1. Umbrella.

2. Water and Food.

3. Extra clothes for Snorkeling.

Plan :

1.   Obtain the Entry Permit from Forest Dept.  Located in the office of Directorate of Tourism in Port Blair. The Permit Charges are Rs. 50 per person and a form has to be submitted along with the proof of identity.

2.   Get the Ferry Ticket from a Boat Operator who also sits in the same office. The Boat Charges are Rs. 750 per person which cover ferry charges, transportation charges from ferry to the beach as there is no jetty there, hiring charges for the glass-bottom boats for viewing under-water coral reefs and hiring charges for snorkeling equipment.

3.   At the Wandoor Jetty, take a thermos flask from the counter. One can carry water only in the water bottles provided by the Govt. by giving a security deposit of Rs. 100 per bottle which is refunded when you hand over the bottle on your way back.

"Go to a place where you're not going to be stressed, because a honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing" - Diane Von Furstenberg

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