Saturday 10 October 2015


A less heard place, lovely hill spot called Avalabetta(Avalakunda) which I heard my friends. The Idea was riding from Bangalore to Avalabetta. The only difference that I could make out between Avalabetta and Nandi hills is Avalabetta is less crowded. Hoping it will be the same in coming years. The hill offers us a charming view of the country side, the rolling hillocks, and the large strips of green sand the hazy outline of distant backdrop. There is a motorable road today which will lead you to the to the summit of the hill. The hill side is a green treat. As far as your eye can see, you can view the beautiful countryside with hills, valleys, lakes, trees and winding roads. This is a photographer’s delight. The Forest Department has built a paragola for tourists to sit back and enjoy. The guest house here too belongs to the Forest Department. For reservations and other issues, please contact the Forest Department at Chikaballapur. There is a small shrine dedicated to Hanuman. The stream and the pond is vested with a lot of religious significance. During Shravana, a special jatre is organised  every Saturday during which devotees from nearby villages and Chickaballapur come to fulfill their vows. The pond is called as Annammadonaha. There is a belief that if married women who are childless bathe here, they will get children. Many women come here for bathing at the pond and then praying to Lakshmnarasimha. Nowadays, daily prayers are offered at the temple.
There are a series of steps behind the cave that lead to the peak. The climb offers a good view of the bush forest and small animals that scamper about. Of course, the view around the Hill is breathtaking. Villagers say the name Avala Betta is in honour of the seer who lived here and meditated for several years before attaining samadhi. There is a dam nearby village called Darbur.

How to reach: Driving on Bellary road (NH7) from Bangalore, at 14 kms after Chikballapur (52 kms) look out for a road on the left and proceed to Mandikal (11kms). From Mandikal, the hilltop is at a distance of 11 kms.

Permission: Not required

Parking: Base of hill

Food: Not available

Fees: No

Nearest places to visit: Gudibande Fort , Varlakonda Fort , Nandi Hills, Chikkajala Fort  

PC: Mohan, Kevin, Mahantesh

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