Saturday 17 October 2015

Day 1- Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is a mountain range in Eastern ghat. Situated in Namakkal area of Tamil Nadu, it is around 280 km from Bengaluru. Compared with other hill stations, this is moderately known and less went by tourists.The street from Bengaluru to Namkkal was great on account of four line. The main excruciating part is Hosur Krishnagiri stretch which is being augmented to six paths. The mountains ranges from to 3500ft to 4500ft with the tallest top Vettakaramalai, ascending to 4663ft above ocean level and covers region of 280 km. The Kolli Hills has 70 fastener curves and several turns and winds to achieve the highest point of the slopes. Slopes has two perspective focuses, a noteworthy waterfalls, 3 other little falls. A temple and numerous different attractions. We began at around 6:30 in the morning, getting a charge out of the cool, crisp morning thundering through the expressways towards Hosur.Stopped close Dharmapuri for breakfast at a roadside joint (aah ! I simply adore the without moving dosas there :), and proceeded with our approach to Salem where we ceased for fuel. We proceeded on NH7 south of Salem towards Namakkal for another 35 kms he far up comprised of 70 barrette curves and it was a great ride. The twists were not exceptionally soak, and with extensively huge bends and secured with trees completely through. At long last we came to Semmedu, had some pineapple slices.After a pleasant shower, we went to a perspective, where the entire town of Semmedu and Rasipuram was unmistakable underneath. We made a beeline for yercaud, we reached around 7.30PM.

Route: Silkboard -> Hosuru -> Krishnagiri -> Salem -> Rasipuram -> Karavalli -> Semmudu - Kolli Hills -> Salem -> Yercaud

Places to see in Kolli Hills:

Akaashaganga Waterfalls: The main attraction of Kolli Hills. Akasa Gangai is an enchanting 300 feet waterfall of river Aiyaru, located near Arappaleeshwarar temple it is the main attaction of Kolli Hills. 1302 steps lead down to the falls.

Masila Falls: Unpolluted waterfall is not as huge as the Akash Ganga falls, but good enough for taking bath.

Arapaleeswarar Temple: It is a 12th Century Shiva temple right opposite to Akash gange waterfalls.

Botanical Gardens. This place is an ideal spot for loitering around with kids. There is a view point at the top of this Botanical Garden.

 Mini Falls: This is a small waterfalls situated close to the Arapaleeswarar temple.

 Sikku Parai View point: Also known as Suicide point it gives an incredible view of the valley. Watching sunset is amazing feeling.

Photography Credits: Suhas, Arun, Ajay, Kevin

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